Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Alive Again... Thanks Hanyuu ^_^

Like a Bean and Salami Burrito, I Have Returned!

As many of you are already aware, my YouTube account was recently *suspended
Suspended is YouTubian for "deleted"

As you can imagine, when I first learned of this, I was madder than Shion in a room full of dead Satoshis.
But, no matter; I've successfully managed to create a new account and am back in business once more.

However, this time around, there will be no more HPF episodes posted on my new YouTube page... I just can't bare to suffer through that same, horrific ordeal again... I'm just too fragile


So from now on, all HPF episodes (plus those still to be made ^_^) will be posted right hyah on meh blogsite.
And the additional plus side is, once you subscribe to this blog, you will be able to download any and all videos posted therin. A tutorial video on how to do this will be posted on my YouTube site soon.


ExDhaos said...

YAY finally, I still can't forgive the goddamn Youtube. but say, why did they kicked you? =<

When I saw all the HPF been deleted I was all like "damn it, my dreams of watching HPF have been shattered" XD

Anyways love your HPF so keep up the great job. ^_^

VulpixNoodles said...

Yaaaay you're back!
I'm glad you're going to keep making fandubs......I need more to quote at school =^-^=
Stupid Youtube

princess_of_eternal_sorrow said...

lol I know how u feal ExDhaos i was so pissed but im glad i can still watch them and i hope u make more soon nyodude.

Gabichu said...

I will always watch HPF again and again, I truly love it and now I still can.
This is PancakeMonkey from youtube by the way~
I will keep supporting you, yay to HPF!

Michichick said...

I LOVE THESE VIDEOS! and i love hanyuu for bringing you back, but i have one question, what;s your new Youtube account name? i still want to watch budo kid and anything else you make!

sotaros said...

it couldn't have been for the gore or the threatening the flagers, or anything like that, because no girls were actually filmed naked or being gored, and a threat from a fictional character is as real as fictional alien maggots that cause itchy blood and controll your mind (Not like the real ones that rena had an encounter with). but i was reading the policy on youtube, and apparently you need written approval from youtube staff to advertise your products, so i'll just believe that for now.

Mobski said...

Dude!!! I missed ur vids man!!! thank Hanyuu ur back! XD 1 question whats ur new youtube account??