Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fanart Contest Results

The Long Awaited Sequel to Episode 17

Thanks to everyone who entered, wasn't it just the perfect time killing method?


Michichick said...

What does Yandere mean? by the way, awesome art! you should draw the higurashi people in budo kid form somethime!

Joshua said...

AHHHH!!! I losing precious moments of my YANDERE life here!!!

ScalpelsAreToolsOfFun said...
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ScalpelsAreToolsOfFun said...

To Michichick- A Yandere is a character that is seemingly sweet and innocent at first, but turns mental and bat sh*t crazy afterwards, normally out of love or a personal past. Technically, Rena isn't a yandere, but rather a Yangire. But that's only because she did not show sure signs of being in love with keiichi.
She would be classified as a Yangire, which is the same as a yandere, except they're just the crazy part. ^.^
I love HPF. xD