Monday, June 23, 2008

Higurashi Parody Fandub Ep 3

It's The Parent Trap on acid!

Shion's evil plan to rid the world of all other violent anime shall not stand! Not so long as Keiichi is around!


Oh... he's already been subdued?
Well, were screwed


Pi piru piru piru pi piru piru piru piii...!



kittyataki said...

YAY! downloadingggg

Shan G. said...

Love it!! <3 also yummy testi.. >,<

Love ya, Purple Ringo <3

YuniX-2 said...

This is so amazing! I think "Mion just ate my left testicle. TEEN TITANS!" is my new favorite quote.

anthony said...

I guess those other anime have more actiony violence but really higurashi has creepy violence that get you all i think higurashi is more violent with its scaryness

4n71m0nyl4yn3 said...

"Oh, Uncle Tom, you know just how to butter my flapjacks~"

You should put that one on a shirt, I swear.