Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Higurashi Parody Fandub 19

Who Needs an Abusive Uncle, When You've Got an Angry, Blue-Haired Loli

Rika gets hit by a truck and wakes up in an alternate Hinamizawa, thus needlessly expanding the series a full three episodes.
A lot of things happen... and yet nothing entirely relevant happens.

Rika beating up Satoko FTW!!!


Skullchukka said...

Yay! New episode! Nice to see you back on track nyodude.

Now, If you'll just remove the word verification on comment page, and make it "comment in-blog wise" or whatever that is, I'm sure you'll get more blog comments ^^

Dibsy said...

WE LOVE YOU NYODUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Also, what episode was the Rika Satoko abusing thing?? D:

Anonymous said...

I was rewatching this series, and I've realised how much I love and miss it. It's been almost a year. D:

Have you ever considered making more? I mean, I know there's no new material to work with Higurashi-wise, but you could try Umineko.
Come on, "Umineko Parody Fandub" is a little catchy. :D

CloudCereal553 said...
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CloudCereal553 said...

Sorry for being a douchebag, but what ever happened to the last episode? .3. We never got to see the one where Rena swallowed the bird turd Magatama thingy and there was hot smexy bewb action with Takano!